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Web Design & e Commerce - ID Digital
O ID DIgital é uma agência web dedicada ao web design, marketing, branding, gestão de redes sociais e alojamentos web em Aveiro.
A tag do titulo é perfeita.
Web Design & e Commerce - ID Digital
The title tag is the HTML element that specifies the title of the webpage. The title tag is displayed at the top of your browser, in the search results, as well as in the bookmarks bar.
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Descrição meta
A descrição meta é boa.
O ID DIgital é uma agência web dedicada ao web design, marketing, branding, gestão de redes sociais e alojamentos web em Aveiro.
The meta description is an HTML tag that provides a short and accurate summary of the webpage. The meta description is used by search engines to identify a webpage's topic and provide relevant search results.
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Os titulos estão colocados de forma correcta.
  1. Agência de web design
  1. Resumo
  2. Serviços Disponíveis
  3. Planos Low Cost
  1. Web Design
  2. Análise SEO
  3. Gestão Redes Sociais
  4. Marketing
  5. eCommerce
  6. Domínios
  7. Quem somos
  8. Popular
  9. Arquivo
  10. Newsletter
  1. Escolha a Plataforma
  2. Escolha o Domínio
  3. Online em 72 Horas
The h tags represents the headings of the webpage. The h1 tag is the most important h tag, and describes the main topic of the page, while the rest of the tags describe the sub-topics of the webpage.
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Palavras chave
A página tem palavras chave relevantes.
web design e commerce id digital
The webpage's content should contain relevant keywords that can also be found in the title of the webpage.
Atributo alt imagens
Todas as imagens têm o atributo alt definido.
The alt attribute specifies an alternate text for an image, if the image cannot be displayed. The alt attribute is also useful for search engines to identify the subject of the image, and helps screen readers describe the image.
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URL amigável
Este URL utiliza url´s amigável.
The SEO friendly URLs are URLs that contain relevant keywords with the webpage's topic, and contain no special characters besides slashes and dashes.
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Página 404
O website não tem página definida página 404 error.
The 404 webpage status inform the users and the search engines that a page is missing.
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The webpage can be accessed by search engines.
A robots.txt file inform the search engines which links from the website can be accessed.
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The webpage does not have a noindex tag set.
The noindex tag instruct the search engines to not index the webpage.
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Esta página declarou o idioma.
The lang attribute declares the webpage's language, helping search engines identify the language in which the content is written, and browsers to offer translation suggestions.
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The favicon is the icon that is being displayed in the browser's tab, when the webpage is being bookmarked, and sometimes even in search engine results.
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O ficheiro texto html é comprimido.
O tamanho do ficheiro texto html é 5.39 kB.
A compressão dos texto html ajuda a aumentar o carregamento da sua página.
A página carregou em 0.32 segundos.
The load time indicates the HTML's total load time, and does not include the external resources, such as images, scripts, or other resources.
The size of the HTML webpage is 5.39 kB.
The page size indicates the HTML's total size, and does not include the external resources, such as images, scripts, or other resources.
The HTTP requests represents the number of external resources present on the webpage.
The images format represents the images that are not served in a next-generation file format. Images served in a next-generation format improve the webpage's load performance.
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The defer attribute allows the browser to download the scripts in parallel and execute them after the webpage has been parsed, improving the webpage's load performance.
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Tamanho do DOM
O tamanho do DOM é o ideal.
The HTML file has 325 DOM nodes.
The DOM size indicates the number of nodes the HTML webpage has.
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HTTPS encriptação
A página utiliza encriptação https.
A encriptação em https ajuda a proteger a sua segurança e privacidade.
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Exposição do email
A página contem endereços de email em texto simples, não protegido.
Email addresses posted in public are likely to be fetched by crawlers and then collected in lists used for spam.
Structured data
The webpage has structured data.
  1. og:title ID Digital | Aqui Criamos a Sua Identidade
  2. og:description Somos uma agência dedicada ao web design, marketing, branding, gestão de redes sociais e alojamentos web, com sede na cidade da Gafanha da Nazaré, Aveiro.
  3. og:image
The structured data tags help the search engines better understand the content of the webpage, and allows them to create rich snippets in search results.
Meta viewport
The webpage has a meta viewport tag set.
width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=10, user-scalable=1
The meta viewport tag instruct the browsers how to render the viewport of the webpage.
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Esta página tem o tipo de codificação binária definido.
The meta charset tag specifies the character encoding, helping the browsers to better render the characters and symbols on the webpage.
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Mapa do website
A página tem ficheiro sitemap.xml.
Sitemaps inform search engines about pages available for crawling on the website.
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Redes Sociais
A página tem 1 links para as redes sociais.
Social media presence is becoming increasingly important as a ranking factor for search engines to validate a website's trustworthiness and authority.
Content length
A página tem 507 palavras.
The content length represents the number of words found on the webpage. A página deve conter um valor aceitável de palavras.
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Text to HTML ratio
The text to HTML ratio is 14%.
The text to HTML ratio represents the percentage of actual text compared to the percentage of HTML code on the webpage.
Inline CSS
The webpage contains inline CSS code.
  1. background-image: url(;background-repeat: no-repeat;background-size:cover;background-position: top center;
  2. padding: 96px 0px 64px; margin-top: 0px; margin-bottom: 0px; border: 0px solid rgb(0, 0, 0); box-shadow: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.2) 0px 0px 0px 0px;
  3. font-weight: 700;
  4. padding:96px 0 64px 0
  5. padding:96px 0 64px 0
  6. width:80px;height:33px;
The style attribute contains CSS style rules that are applied to the element. Inline CSS code unnecessarily increases the webpage's size, and can be moved in an external CSS file.
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Deprecated HTML
There are no deprecated HTML tags on the webpage.
The deprecated tags represents the tags that are not supported HTML5 standard anymore, and could cause the webpage to be rendered incorrectly.
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